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Big Eye Rebellion

Launched August, 1Launched
Price Free ETH
Total supply 7000

Viceburg, a remote city, has become both financially and morally bankrupt since the latest economic meltdown. The streets are crumbling and brimming with crime and betrayal. And corrupt city officials act in collusion with the underworld boss trying to snatch citizens' last penny. With no one to trust, Viceburg citizens' hopes lay in tatters until an organization codenamed Big Eye Rebellion appears. Big Eye Rebellion is a clan whose members come from every walk of life. They decide to take on the corruption and degradation for their suffering seems endless and they just had enough. City officials and Mafiosi have been robbing Viceburg citizens for so long that some citizens have been brainwashed. They forget who they are…. But now, members of Big Eye Rebellion don't give a crap about city officials' blatant lies and mafiosi's vicious intimidation. With "an eye for an eye" as the motto. Big Eye masks as the trademark, and strong egos as the fuel, they choose the path of revenge...

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