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Boq Boq Coq

Launched April, 13Launched
Price 0.5 AVAX
Total supply 5000

MINTING ANNOUNCEMENT! The time has come for the Boq Boq Coq Official Mint! Our mint is now scheduled for April 13th at 1 PM MST. It will be a 2 phase process for the mint. Phase 1 - We took a snapshot of all holders of #CoqInuAvax ($15 or more) on April 1st. We are giving away the first 1,000 Coq's completely free to Coq Inu holders! First come first serve on April 13th. Each address in the snapshot can only claim 1 free NFT. Winners of any of our promotions are guaranteed their free NFT in this phase, DM us to make sure we have your address whitelisted! Phase 2 - The public sale will start for the remaining Coq's. Standard mint price is 0.5 AVAX, or 0.35 AVAX for Coq Holders in the snapshot. Mint will stay active until the collection sale is complete!