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Bored Stackers

Launched June, 11Launched
Price 0.15 ETH
Total supply 5000

Bored Stackers (B$) is a collection of 5000 NFT providing unique rewards and benefits to their holders. These were created by mistake following a failed transaction in the blockchain, they are since endowed with an incredible utility... Each B$ holder can stake their NFT on our website and will be rewarded daily in ETH & $BS simply by holding. With B$, it's finally the diamond hands that are rewarded. By staking your NFT, you get access to a dedicated ecosystem reserved for our holders, allowing the development of the project and the valuation of the collection over time. The Bored Stackers are the result of hundreds of quality 3D elements designed by Yuri Zababury, to offer you the perfect companion during your adventure. They are stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Rarity and Statistics