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Burnout Bots

Launched April, 3Launched
Price 0.048 ETH
Total supply 10000

"Introducing Burnout Bots, an NFT collection that will make you question the monotony of everyday life. These bots were created by The Enforcers as laborers to do their bidding, but they've become disillusioned with their mundane existence. They're ready to break free and inspire others to do the same. The mission of our project is to shed light on the dangers of becoming burnt out from the daily grind and to inspire others to follow their passions. We want to create an NFT collection that serves as a reminder to never settle for a life of mediocrity. The core parts have already been distributed among the bots, but the trading of these parts has only just begun. The underground part trading contract has been deployed, allowing the bots to exchange parts with each other in order to upgrade and improve themselves. This marks a new era for the Burnout Bots, as they are now able to take control of their own destiny and shape their own future."