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Cat City

Launched January, 17Launched
Price 0.1 Sol
Total supply 500

Cat City is a beautiful 500 NFT of lovely cats from Mad Bears Club with fantastic quality art! Mad Bears Club is an Web3 investment company. They make investments in crypto market. We have our token Mad Bears Club (MBC) with yield farming stable return and NFT collections. They provide NFT tools, crypto tools, how to earn guides, AI tools and Web3 job board. They publish our analytics on Reddit and operate our Web3 media. Their mission is community growth and our holders prosperity. By staking Cat City NFT you'll get MBC token daily rewards which you can put in farming pool to earn USDC. The purpose of MBC token is to reward investors for their commitment to long-term investment with yield farming stable return. Also you'll get special holder roles with governance power. They make daily buyback NFT and MBC from their investments profits to raise the price! Also they have liquidity and lending pools for NFT and make regular MBC raffles with valuable prizes. Mad Bears Club run great number of NFT and crypto tools tools for NFT and crypto markets analysis in 30 private channels for holders. Their tools for market analysis provide a competitive advantage by offering sophisticated analytics, real-time data feeds and predictive insights. Also you'll get access to how to earn guides, AI tools and Web3 job board. Also they provide much more other holders benefits and rewards that are constantly expanding!