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Children of Bert

Launched July, 29Launched
Price 0.04 ETH
Total supply 1369

Bert was lonely. Bert replicated. Children of Bert is a 1369 piece 1/1 collection featuring Bert and the first six generations of Bert's extended replicant family. All Children of Bert are related and part of one large replicant family tree. Ancestry is recorded in metadata, so tracing family lines and finding direct relatives is easy. Relationships are not arbitrary, as each individual is used as the source to create their four replicant children. Each CoB will resemble their parent and siblings while drifting further and further from Bert. Unlike most 1/1 collections, Children of Bert have shared attributes and traits which drive rarity ranking: Generation, Mentality, Dominant DNA, Primary Mutation, Face Ambiguity, manifestation level of The Blue, and Background Type. Examples of CoB traits will be shared leading up to mint day via Discord and Twitter. The Children of Bert universe is a living narrative on a post-Earth desolate alien world & an ongoing creative collaboration with AI. CoB development will progress in unforeseen ways as AI grows into an increasingly capable creative partner. Follow along at