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Chill Tuna

Launched October, 31Launched
Price 0.005 ETH
Total supply 5000

Chill Tuna is a collection of 5000 unique storytelling NFTs about the members of Chill Tuna Club trying to save the world under the lead of Conner. Teaming up with the top game designers in the industry with more than 16 years of experience - leading the development and publication of games valued over 1.4 billion, highly creative artist team with backgrounds in developing well-renowned games - Fantasy Westward Journey; Onmyoji; Identity V etc., and well-trained and experienced senior engineers, Chill Tuna aims to co-create an embracing NFT community and a CHILLER lifestyle in Web3 with our holders. Let’s party amidst the chaos; let’s toast to the looming darkness; let’s fight even if it’s the end of light. Just remember… Do not go gentle into that dark night, Chill Tuna should gather and stake at close of day; Fighting, fighting against the dying of the light.