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Launched April, 25Launched
Price 0.01 ETH
Total supply 6000

CosmoChamber, created by Zoojoo and three other artists, is the first NFT collection with a uniquely Eastern sensibility. Continuing a long lineage of interest in Eastern philosophies and the literati tradition, the four artists that created CosmoChamber try to bring to those who still care about aesthetics a distinctive project. It is very rare that an NFT collection today is created with paint and brush, while still having a contemporary, crypto feel. The project has four phases, as well as a parallel breeding system that involves “spirits” and combining them with “chambers.” Beginning with “empty chamber,” the first three phases have been sold out, and Phase 4—A Fissure in the Metaverse—is about to drop. For this phase, in addition to the works by our four founding artists, we are also collaborating with individual artists, including acclaimed contemporary painters and digital artists, to create special editions.

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