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CryptoFighters Alliance

Launched April, 26Launched
Price 0.08 ETH
Total supply 8000

CryptoFighters Alliance is a 8k collection of fully rigged 3D Fighters! It is ran by CryptoFighters, the same founders of the Historical Play to Earn NFT project from back in 2018. They have a doxxed team of veterans within the NFT, Web3 and gaming world with amazing art studios working with them. Apart from the high quality art, what separates CryptoFighters Alliance from a lot of other projects is the the teams drive for innovation in the space. They are releasing a new standard for project mints with the ERC721R contract. It’s a contract that offers a 45 day trustless refund period after the mint. Meaning that after you mint you will have a 45 day period where you will be able to get the full mint price back as a refund if you decide that you no longer want to be involved in the project.