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DAO S2OF Sratforces

Launched June, 1Launched
Price 0.49 ETH
Total supply 1000

"Contracts of agents — are 1000 smart contracts, each of which grants Status of Agent DAO S2OF Stratforces and Access to Resources DAO S2OF Stratforces: a) Documentation for managing DAO S2OF Stratforces; b) Decentralized Autonomous Intelligence Repository (DAIR); c) Decentralized Autonomous Special Network (DASN); d) Participation in Special Strategic Operations (SSO); e) Participation in management of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO); f) and others. DAO S2OF Stratforces (Special Strategic Operations Forces) — is closed decentralized autonomous organization, organized, funded and managed by Agents of DAO S2OF Stratforces who, in coordinated and legitimate way, influence the creation, maintenance and development of global processes that contribute to the formation of a more just world. Join us… "

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