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DudeSweet Shif

Launched June, 15Launched
Price 3 ⓜ
Total supply 1200

DudeSweet Shift Template SUPPLY:• 1200 🏘️ Mint Price: TBA 🚀 Launch Date: TBA ⌛ Whilstlist: TBA Dudesweet Shift is a PFP NFT [image for non-fungible token tokens] working on the Polygon Blockchain with Generate system generating unique 'Dudesweet' limited to only 1200 Pieces. Sweet dude lives in the infinite multiverse. Their quirk and prowess is unbeatable, they are obsessed with dressing and have their own unique personality. They can produce over a hundred different outfits, creating over ten thousand different styles, including some rare and super rare items that are the only part of a collection. The items allow all users to discover unlimited styles, explore the super cool experience of creating their own irreplaceable dudesweet that no one has ever had. NO LIGHT WITHOUT SHADOW. In the dark, under those imaginary lights and energies. There are still those who need the power of the Optiverse to maintain their identity. Fading and melting into the shadow is no different from death, but finding the way out of the shadow is impossible to do it alone, in contrary, the possibility comes when it turns into the combination of all energies as same as the way of shining light shines on. The integration of identity behind the darkest shadow, under the brightest lights, that’s the way that all identities of Dudesweet blooms. Join us and grow up togethers. Discord : Twitter : Subber :