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Engram Access Pass

Launched October, 21Launched
Price 0.1 ETH
Total supply 3500

Engram is a super dApp allowing users to own/monetize content they create in the form of an NFT while simultaneously giving users a platform that will transition their Web2 profile into the metaverse where their profile becomes a virtual residence. We aim to empower people to communicate and express themselves throughout the digital universe without compromise. At Engram, we are passionate about building products where themes such as user empowerment, community building and data privacy are a central focus. There is currently a disconnect between NFT Marketplaces & the communication layer. Users are forced to hop between platforms rather than having one platform that can do everything. Engram is that platform. Our platform allows users to display their ETH owned NFTs in a digital gallery, create your own ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, discover other registered users through all supported OS NFT collections, direct message other users, and a unique concept of token-gated feeds available for all user profile pages.