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Fake Banksy Punks

Launched August, 20Launched
Price 0.01 ETH
Total supply 10000

The Fake Banksy Punks is a collection of 10,000 3D Pop art NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection is a photo-collaged contemporary/pop-art NFT project which inspired by Banksy, Andy Warhol, CryptoPunks, and other influential Artists. Today, mainstream and social media networks have become our primary sources of staying current in world events. These key platforms have chosen to manipulate and present misinformation as facts while concealing and covering up the truth. When the truth has been buried six feet underground, there would be no difference between a Real and a Fake one. So, the only thing that remains is a dirty, dirty bloody lie. Fake Banksy Punks is a Graffiti/Pop-art combo collection representing our protest of mainstream and social media manipulation/disinformation and the negative impacts on humanity. Join our revolution against this madness.