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Launched February, 28Launched
Price 0.015 ETH
Total supply 1500

In a world where the best warriors from across the globe come to test their skills, the FightX tournament was created as the ultimate proving ground. From the toughest streets in the inner cities to the mystical temples of the Far East, the greatest fighters have converged to compete in this no-holds-barred event. With pride and honor on the line, the competition is fierce and the battles are intense. As a fighter, you have honed your skills for years, dreaming of the day when you can stand among the legends of the "FightX" tournament. Now is your chance to prove yourself and claim the title of the greatest warrior in the world. Choose your fighter, select your moves, and prepare to enter the arena. The journey to the top will be challenging, but with each victory, you'll grow stronger and come one step closer to your ultimate goal. Are you ready to join the battle? The world is watching and waiting. Welcome to FightX