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Gigaverse Ecosystem

Launched June, 10Launched
Price 0.99 Sol
Total supply 2222

"GigaVerse is dropping 2222 NFT Passes to authorizing access to the GigaVerse Ecosystem with Art Galleries & Museums, Schooling for junior classes and Real Estate business. Holders will get to experience the Metaverse with Virtual Reality Kits. We are introducing first time Study2Earn concept and Stake2Earn alongside access to consumer centric market . Gigaverse aims to build a whole Ecosystem with $GIGS token as its transactional currency and we have vision to enable metaverse practical applications in the form of junior high school classrooms with collaborating Ed-tech companies and creating a hassle free experience in buying /selling real estate, so that each person can enjoy the metaverse person of their flat and they can share it using QR code."