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Launched April, 19Launched
Price 0.04 ETH
Total supply 3333

IRI-DO is an AR digital cosplay application that is very popular among young people in Shibuya in the near future. When you enter the Shibuya area wearing AR glasses (spectacles) and AR contacts, etc., IRI-DO's unique image processing is added to the various landscapes in your field of vision, such as buildings, roads, and public transportation. Each area has its own unique characteristics, such as "Metropolitan," which looks like a futuristic virtual city, "EDO TOKYO," which looks like the Edo Period Japanese houses, and "Nature World," where nature spreads out. These animated effects are mapped onto actual buildings and public transportation, etc., and visitors can enter these buildings and ride public transportation such as trains. The most attractive feature is the digital cosplay element for IRI-DO users. Users can walk around Shibuya as "another me," changing not only clothing and other fashion items, but also their height, body style, hairstyle, face type, and even gender in detail as they wish. With a variety of ways to have fun, including currency, subscription services, and SNS elements for fun among users, IRI-DO have gained tremendous popularity, especially among young people in the Kanto region.