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Mad Bears

Launched July, 3Launched
Price 0.3 Sol
Total supply 5555

Mad Bears Club is the most tight-knit community of investors focused on crypto and stock markets. We launch NFT collections and provide income with our BEAR token. Our mission is generating superior, long-term investment returns and our holders prosperity. We run NFT collections to raise capital for our investments and expand our community. NFT from our collections you can put into staking and get our ⁠BEAR token daily rewards. We provide liquidity and lending pools for our NFT. Also holding of our NFT gives you access to our alpha tools. We have our native token BEAR. You can buy BEAR tokens from the market or get BEAR tokens by ⁠staking our NFT collections. We distribute the profit from our investments in our BEAR/SOL farming pool with SOL rewards. Also you can participate in our BEAR NFT raffles, BEAR Twitter raids and play double or nothing flip game for BEAR. We run great number of alpha tools for NFT, crypto and stocks markets analysis in private Discord channels for our holders. Our tools give you the possibility to have constant income from trading and investing. We provide our own market analytics, profitable NFT and crypto signals, educational courses, Web3 job board and ChatGPT integration. We've holders chat where we discuss current market sentiment and share our investment ideas.