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Launched June, 15Launched
Price Free ETH
Total supply 9976

"Be brave. Fight for your values. Be a maximalist." But what exactly does it involve? In a few words: it is a name, a vision and a community. Our name is simple. Maximalist. The term and its definition are known to all, so it felt like an obvious name choice to us. Thanks to it, everyone understands our ambition and our will to carry on a project that is always growing. Our vision is avant-gardist. We want to go farther than a simple PFP. Our goal is to create an ecosystem enabling the Web3 community to come together. Our goal is to be a 100% community driven project, that comes with various rewards and measures such as airdrops where we will gift you a free 3D companion for your Maximalist, Alpha calls for crypto and nfts with full time analysts, governance token to let the community decide of how our project will be ran and IRL events. Of course that’s only a fraction of what we will be providing to Maximalists, check out our website at for more details