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Mercenaries of Efyria

Launched July, 7Launched
Price Free ⓜ
Total supply 999

"We're excited to announce our new NFT collection Mercenaries of Efyria! We set out to create a project that's truly unique and unlike anything you've seen before. Deployed on the Arbitrum blockchain, these 999 mercenaries disrupt the very notion of private property. Imagine buying an NFT directly from someone else's wallet, even if it's not for sale! But don't worry, the previous owner is always compensated. And that's not all: some of the NFTs even have the power to modify game parameters! Plus, we have created a unique royalties-sharing system that sets it apart from the rest. We wanted to create a project really different from the traditional PFP that you have seen so far and add a unique concept challenging the notion of private property. We would love you to come to check out our trailer and join our Discord group to learn more about this groundbreaking project."