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Michael Stone

Launched July, 14Launched
Price 29 ⓜ
Total supply 3000

After murdering King Guxim, Lord E Keqjar claimed the throne for himself while the Queen and surviving children went into hiding. 18 of the royal children left their home planet seeking refuge in the cosmos, where they might grieve the loss of their father, struggle to restore their own lives, and eventually return to restore the House of Love. Queen Dashuri and the 3 youngest daughters went into hiding on their home planet, Aridia. E Keqjar’s army is searching for Queen Dashuri and her 21 surviving children. In E Keqjar’s mind, the Queen and her children are the only possible sources of human DNA - for he is one of the few who know that the Queen is completely human. 3000 Impostors is Stone’s first solo generative art project. His previous work included participation as a collaborator on the Artvatars project (, under the name Micheal B Sapp. Early sale 10 MATIC through Aug 15 Sales 29 MATIC beginning Aug 16 Reveal date Oct 18 Mint at