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Launched July, 2Launched
Price 3 Sol
Total supply 9999

"Millenabots is a 10k Solana NFT collection of 4K resolution, 3D rendered images, founded by lead artist @zi-motion, entrepreneur @mrrazno, and a team consisting of family & friends. As a group of millennials from London, we wanted to create an art style symbolic of who we are and where we want to be, so we decided to pay homage to nostalgic elements of our childhood, fusing it together with cyberpunk & futuristic themes. Our ultimate goal is to build a web3 alpha community for Solana fans including: - Web3 education, Crypto & NFT Alpha - available IMMEDIATELY when you join our discord! - Origin story about the Millenabots, taking place in a dystopian future where AI has taken control of planet Earth - Donating 10% of all secondary sales' royalties to to reduce the harm of carbon emissions of blockchain technology applications - NFT tracking and analytics platform as well as discord-native trading tools ONLY for token holders. Discord will become token-gated community."