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My Copilot Bae

Launched July, 18Launched
Price 0.04 ETH
Total supply 888

3D AR+AI POCKET WAIFUS DEX, WAIFU, CHILL (❤️,💰) My Copilot Bae is a world of 3D AI AR Waifus. Our goal is to bring web3 to the masses via Baeverse community with $BAE DEX, AI chat companions. NFT Utility ❤️ Bae Waifu NFTs = $BAE DEX pre-sales tokens ($0.17, IDO at $0.50) ❤️ Earn yield from swap fees ❤️ Gamified Waifus PVP NFT staking ❤️ Own your 3D AI BAE on mobile ❤️ Access gated creator content What does $BAE do? 💰 Bae Defi native token 💰 Upgrade Waifu NFTs for pvp yield betting 💰 Currency to personalize your own AI Waifu Phase 1 Supply: 888 on Arbitrum 0.04eth public, 0.035eth WL price $BAE PRESALES (❤️,💰) 👉 Presales $BAE at $0.12 👉 Presales Pass 50% Off (Get 2x Waifu NFTs ) Socials Web: Twitter: Bae Paper: Mint Details CopilotBae NFT holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for CryptoPunks. CopilotBae license.