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My Curio Cards

Launched May, 9Launched
Price 0.63 ETH
Total supply 20000

Curio Cards are the First art show NFTs on Ethereum, launched May 9, 2017 and pre-dating CryptoPunks. Featuring 30 unique series of cards from seven different artists, Curio Cards is referenced in the ERC-721 NFT Standard and pioneered features later adopted in the ERC-1155 NFT Standard. Check out the Curio Docs and Join the Curio Discord to learn more.Given their age, Curio Cards are wrapped to work on newer platforms like OpenSea. If you purchased cards directly from the original contracts before March 2021, you can wrap them here. Otherwise, you don't need to do anything. All cards on OpenSea are already wrapped and don't need to be unwrapped to collect.

Rarity and Statistics