img Ethereum

Launched June, 9Launched
Price 0.012 ETH
Total supply 1300

" is a meme derivative of the CC0 project, now selling at more than 5 ETH. The Nobs are the funniest derivative on the NFT market and are sure to go viral over the next few days. Mint price is just 0.01 ETH and the community is hugely active on Twitter with hundreds of memes being posted and shared. The full supply is 2222 with a max of 5 per wallet. One lucky Nob Holder will win a McGoblin Burger NFT worth $2500, the more you buy the more chance you have. The first 1111 Nobs are revealing tonight so don't miss out on getting one of the final 1111 before they mint out over the next few days. Big collaborations are in progress and plenty more surprises are to come for Nob Holders. The mint site is: The Opensea Link is: Follow the NobGoblin Twitter: #NOBSQUAD #NOBSFOLLOWNOBLINS"

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