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Launched May, 22Launched
Price 0.5 Sol
Total supply 222

"There are 222 NoSolFaces in an Unknown location. Because they have no face, they have developed their senses very strongly. But now it's time to recover their face and become the strongest being in the Solana Blockchain. How do you do that? There is a legend that on the other side of the universe there is a reverse version of one. NoSolFaces Reverse. If a NoSolFace succeeds in getting its reverse twin, it achieves infinite strength. However, since it would split the network if all NoSolFaces obtained their face at once, it was reduced to 10 faces + 1 additional per week. When you have obtained your face and are the ruler of the NoSolFaces, you will receive 50% of the total royalties that are always sent to you at the end of the week. Read our Giftbook contribution. Then you will be enlightened."