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✨ Our Story - The spark of an Artist✨ Meet Andrew! Andrew is an Optometrist from London. Next to his IRL day job, Andrew loves art. Passionate since childhood and started sharing his work since November 2020 (now with 18.8K followers on instagram). Now he is day and night, weekday and weekend, whenever he is not in clinics, dedicated to creating art. He always wanted to go full time but he can’t, currently the reality is, it doesn’t pay the bills. A few months ago, an NFT degen entered the clinics. Unexpectedly, the conversation shifted towards their joint hobby, art. Andrew was inspired, went the hard way and learned about the ins and outs of NFTs and finally, assembling a team to drop his fully owned project. And now we are here! Dropping Andrew’s awesome art. Changing his life to become a full time Artist and we want you be a part of NOZOMIX!