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Launched November, 16Launched
Price Free ETH
Total supply 9630

Announcing Paragon! Paragon is an NFT experience platform geared towards collectors, gamers, and degens alike. Featuring a first-of-its-kind discovery engine, an epic game-driven PFP collection, and a community spanning multiple collections and chains. The team is a fully funded mix of veteran art, gaming, tradfi, defi, and Web3 backgrounds; applying decades of technological and financial expertise to what they’re building. The Paragon discovery engine gives users full control to find, manage, and realize new value from their NFTs. It allows for: 🔐Fully permissionless, non-collateralized and safe asset rentals 💰Rent with a buy option 💸Buy-now-pay-later 🤝Many other peer-to-peer financial agreements All the while exchanging the actual asset itself, no wrappers. The Paragon genesis collection, The Seekers, is a PFP that is both a rewarding game and your ticket to the Paragon platform. Mint a Seeker to go out searching for Paragon's other 2 NFT collections Minions and the almighty Paragons. The portals are opening, the Seekers must consolidate power, and nothing is more powerful than a Paragon. The story and game are a standalone obsession as well as an intuitive rewards system for the platform. Free mint on 11/16 this is going to be big…