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Launched June, 15Launched
Price 30 ⓜ
Total supply 3500

Petobots is a web3 casual gaming platform, where players collect robotic pets and use them to clash in PvP battles. Games will be available both with wagers and in a Free-to-Play mode with no wagers and NFTs. OG Canabot is a generative PFP collection with unique 3D art. When minting this collection you will get 2 NFTs along with more airdrops and benefits in the future. Each OG Canabot holder will be airdropped with a Tactical Canabot NFT that will give access to the game. OG Canabot's features: Allows trying new in-game Petobots (including special editions) - Regular airdrops of artifacts to upgrade Petobots NFTs - Airdrop of a Tactical Canabot - Retrodrop of $PBOT tokens - Raffle of in-game assets on other chains - Doubles as a great PFP art - Access to private Discord channels for holders Tactical Canabot's features: - Access to all tournaments and PvP battles - Level up and customize your Canabots - Can be used as a resource for fast upgrade of other Tactical Canabot - Rakeback - Canabots will have increased rakeback before other Petobots are launched (up to 50% of the platform fees will be distributed in rakebacks)