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Phase 1 : Tonald Drump

Launched June, 11Launched
Price 0.005 ETH
Total supply 333

"What is Troll Club? Phase 1: Tonald Drump Our Cartoon Arts. As cartoonists, we have honed our skills and made significant progress in this field. Now, we are starting our journey from Phase 1, leveraging our expertise. Our goal for this phase is to generate sufficient funds to establish a solid foundation and launch marketing strategies for Phase 2. Phase 2: TurboVerse We are launching a Play-to-Earn Multiplayer Car Battle Game. - We will launch this game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. - Within this game, you will be able to play multiple tournaments, PVP matches, multiplayer modes and more. - Specifically, in this game, we will include a Play-to-Earn option for NFT buyers, where you can earn ETH by playing. - Furthermore, the game will have fully customization options that will allow you to upgrade your NFTs and increase their value. Come and check our Discord for more information. All NFT owners from Phase 1: Tonald Drump will receive an airdrop of 333 NFTs for Phase 2: TurboVerse. Roadmap 1> Phase 1: 333 (1/1) Unique Tonald Drump Cartoon Artworks 2> Investment: The funds will be invested in marketing and in the development of the second phase of the project. 3> Phase 2: Troll Club will launch a new collection consisting of 5555 unique Car NFT's 4> Lunch: After Phase 2, Troll Club will be launching a Ply-To-Earn multiplayer car battle game "