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Launched June, 25Launched
Price Free ETH
Total supply 2510

"Project Description: - Sarugami summons is a project by 2 artists being Rodrigo Horacio and Pedro Dutra, both having immense experience, while Pedro Dutra has also worked with recognisable brands like DC Comics, Marvel, and Gainax. - The project and its art style is inspired by the Asian Novel ""Journey to the West"". - This is Sagurami’s 2nd collection with first collection of 2,510 at a floor price of 0.02 E. - Free mint collection with their phase 1 of roadmap having 6 chapters while phase 2 is still yet to be revealed. - Their phase 1 of roadmap mainly focuses on building a strong community with amazing art that has over +500 traits, along with establishing a marketplace and work on merch post mint. They also plan to have amazing prizes like airdrops and irl rewards for their members. - They also have their anime & manga coming up that is in pre-production phase with also being clear to have a storyline rather than a roadmap to adapt with the changes that take place with the markets and innovate accordingly to the same. "

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