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Launched June, 22Launched
Price 0.01 ETH
Total supply 100

"The Slimes are coming!!! Prepare your slimes... Drops are coming to OpenSea only and will only have 100 available slimes. The slimes will come with different rarity, elements, stats, and types. Get them while the drop price is low, future drops will be higher in price. Check out the website and twitter for further details and giveaways. These slimes are nothing like you have seen before, ranging from regular green slimes to pikachu slimes!!! Mark your dates, June 22, for the slimes will rise and rule the world. starting price for the lowest rarity slime will be 0.01eth and the highest rarity being 0.5eth. The prices will change with future drops. This is only the first wave. Multiple waves are coming... Rarities are listed from common to legendaries and including shinies. Legendaries will not be available for the initial launch. You can find out more details about rarity in the website ("