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Launched June, 18Launched
Price 0.25 ETH
Total supply 5000

Feel the leather. The lace. The rubber. Feel the street. The hot drops. What was once physical is now digital. The future of streetwear is here - and there’s no going back. Sneakerheads isn’t just a brand. It isn’t just a collection. Born from the mind of Ali Dawood - we are creating Web 3.0’s largest sneaker community. One that gives power to the creators and the community. Starting with 5000 avatars, and 42 distinct models, Sneakerheads is a canvas for collaborations, physical and digital, bringing real utility to sneaker culture. And that starts with community. Community is at the heart of sneaker culture. It’s an identity. A movement. A way to express yourself and your creativity. From Ali’s art to how we interact with our members: community is key. We aren’t just another avatar project. When you join Sneakerheads, you’re joining the urban community of the future.