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Launched June, 27Launched
Price 0.016 ETH
Total supply 5555

Introducing Strik9 Labs, an innovative NFT venture, DAO, and Play-to-Earn Game fuelled by the collective brilliance and imagination of its community. At Strik9, power rests with the NFT holders, who have the unique privilege to guide and mould the course of the project. Season 1 ushers in a riveting tale of 5555 earthbound dogs, metamorphosed into genetically superior bipeds by the mysterious "Commissioner" through the potent 'K9 Serum'. Dissatisfied with the limitations of human athletic potential, the Commissioner traversed the cosmos, eventually selecting Earth as his arena, and its dogs, as his champions. A state-of-the-art play-to-earn game set against the backdrop of an intergalactic universe emerges from this narrative. The stage is set, the teams await – compete to seize the coveted 'Commissioners Champion' rewards! Dive deeper into our story with our comic: SEASON 1 PERKS: 💡 Direct Influence 🤝 Summon NFTs from other projects for a 'Score Boost' 🕹ī¸ Early game beta access 💸 Betting system 🌍 Cross-community rewards 💎 Priority for unique NFTs 💰 Earn $K9 tokens via staking 🔑 Exclusive 1-of-1s with secret rewards The Commissioner's league seeks a formidable champion. Is it in your destiny to rule the arena?