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The Grimzs

Launched March, 24Launched
Price Free ETH
Total supply 4000

After working from 3 to 7 years at Blizzard Entertainment, the 5 of us decided it was time to start our own adventure. Gaming and AI nerds that we are, we believed that we had the potential to innovate on the blockchain by creating our own Gaming Agency, specializing in Play to Earn (P2E) games. Shortly after that, we managed to raise $10MM in order to create the first P2E game combining blockchain and artificial Intelligence. That's our mission. Creating a unique and immersive experience for our players, where they can use their own portrait to generate unique characters. The Grimzs hold many secrets, don’t underestimate them just because they live underground in a wooden village. Their knowledge of the human folks and deep interest in technology lead them to build something able to turn anyone into one of them. Grimzs come in different shape and forms, and you’ll be able to choose the kind you would like to join! Their stories and purpose varies but rest assured, everyone will be welcome into the village! 
 The mint experience will itself be unique. We'll allow our minters to upload a portrait and merge it with the kind of Grimz they prefer. Minting is important but it’s not the only way to get a Grimz that looks like you! Upon purchase on secondary, holders will be able to exchange their Grimz for a Capsule which in turn can be used to trigger a re-design of your Grimz using your own selfie - portrait. We as a team, will doxx ourselves before our mint, in a very special video, from a very special place... No one is ready for what is coming, and that’s how we like it. Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming tweets.