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The Rugged Apes

Launched July, 28Launched
Total supply 2519

Who are we? We are Rugged Apes, just like you. Let us explain… Rugpulls, wallet drainers, phishing links, pump N dumps, fake giveaways. We have all been victim to something in this list. But why? Why is this a universal experience in the NFT space? The answer is simple. LACK OF EDUCATION. We intend to fill that gap by building our own educational platform. While reserving exclusive access for our holders, we will simultaneously educate the broader NFT space. We believe it’s integral for newcomers to have access to free educational content as it facilitates a smoother and safer onboarding process to benefit the entirety of the Web 3 space. (More details to be revealed in roadmap and whitepaper) (price listed as 0 but its still TBA)