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The Swampsters

Launched March, 31Launched
Total supply 3003

The Swampsters is a storytelling gamified project about 3,003 degen toads seeking to become on-chain immutable. The project introduces the first ever double-art concept, where the collection is launched on Ethereum blockchain, burned shortly afterwards, and fully transferred as a 1:1 pixel-art copy on Bitcoin. Win the Swamplist on and get a FREE Airdrop at the mint beginning! The Swamplist winner is randomly drawn on the official Swampsters website every day! Swampsters Swampy Road: Chapter 1 - Summoning the Swampsters: 3,003 Swampsters launch on the Ethereum blockchain, followed by the revealing of traits and rarity. Chapter 2 - Road to Eternity: The collection is burned and revived on Bitcoin Ordinal. Each pixel becomes on-chain eternalized, forcing the Swampsters to turn into Immutable Toads. Chapter 3 - Immutable Toads: Release of Gen-2 collection with free mint for holders, DAO, mini-games, events, special partnership surprises for holders, and much more to be announced. Follow the Sewer down to the Swamp Kingdom Underworld!