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Tigerbob NFT

Launched May, 28Launched
Price 0.25 ETH
Total supply 1000

Tigerbob NFT is a collection of 1,000 handmade pixel tigers heads by Gossamer Rozen. This project is NOT generative. All 1,000 nfts are completed by hand and randomized at mint. The collection features attributes, colors, and themes from Gossamer Rozen's growing body of work. Gossamer has hand-selected each tigerbob in the collection from over 1,000 traits. The brand of Tigerbob will expand to a number of applications beyond NFTs and fine art, first and foremost clothing, fashion, and merchandise. Tigerbob NFT is the first time Gossamer is entrusting a small team of folks to help scale up the Gossamer Rozen brand to new heights.