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Tiny Little Robots

Launched July, 14Launched
Price 40 ⓜ
Total supply 1111

Tiny Little Robots NFT Minting is the first stage in rolling out the Tiny Little Robots Game. A minimum of 1,111 Robot NFT's will be available. Each NFT comes with it's own set of stats and abilities, which will be used in the Game after it's release. In-Game Utility Stake 2 Earn Play 2 Earn The Second stage is the sale and launch of our token "IO", which will power the Tiny Little Robots Ecosystem. It will be the currency in which rewards for both staking and in-game rewards will be paid out in. It will also be used in-game for in-game purchases such as addons and powerups. Expect the token launch 1-2 months after the NFT Mint. Blockchain gaming is the next step in the gaming industry, and experts expect the global blockchain gaming market to grow from USD 4.6 Billion in 2022 to USD 65.7 Billion by 2027. By owning one of these NFT's You are unlocking the ability to earn passive rewards by staking your NFT Pre-Game Launch. Then the ability to assemble your robot army, train them to be stronger, and battle in the game and earn more rewards (if You are victorious that is.). We hope that You are as excited for a change from the norm when it comes to NFT's and Blockchain gaming. We have big plans to disrupt the blockchain gaming space with this project. I almost forgot the best part of it all. Tiny Little Robots will be powered by Polygon. Say goodbye to insane gas prices! Because these transaction fees are almost nonexistent!