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Tokyo Alternative Girls

Launched November, 5Launched
Price 0.002 ETH
Total supply 10000

The founder, Nanataku, is Japan's largest blue chip collection! Crypto Ninja Partners(CNP) production member/ 1️⃣Creating an Entertainment Company in the Web3 NFT Passport Ticket Collection 2️⃣Music event production in partnership with record companies 3️⃣The archive of Tokyo club event distribution is NFT authentication for viewing. 4️⃣Plans to expand into the Metaverse created by Japan's largest mobile companyWe are planning to create a TAG liquidity pool  We are planning NFT staking in the future You can get more limited NFTs depending on the number of NFTs you deposit and It will be easier to win invitations to live events.Breakdown of Number of Copies Issued 7,770 of the 10,000 copies will be sold 2,230 copies will be locked for one year for administrative purposes. Advance notice will be given when unlocked.

Rarity and Statistics