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Tsoko NFT

Launched May, 22Launched
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Discover a global, community-driven NFT collection and metaverse brand that unites the love for food, art, and family-friendly experiences. Welcome to Tsoko — the first NFT-integrated international artisan drink brand. Tsoko: Built on Three Pillars — Community, Brand, and Sustainability Tsoko’s foundation is based on three essential pillars that fuel our growth and vision: Community: Cultivating a global family of foodies, art enthusiasts, and adventurers who share a passion for flavor, creativity, and camaraderie. Brand: Crafting a unique NFT and artisan drink brand that transcends the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds. Sustainability: Ensuring lasting success through a seamless blend of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 revenue streams, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation.