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World of Girls

Launched September, 22Launched
Price 0.2 Sol
Total supply 3333

World of Girls is a beautiful 3333 NFT collection of girls from Mad Bears Club with fantastic quality art! Mad Bears Club is Web3 investment and product company. They launch NFT collections to raise capital and provide income for holders with their native token. Their mission is generating superior, long-term investment returns and holders prosperity. By staking World of Girls NFT you'll get GIRL token daily rewards which you can put in farming pool to earn SOL with more than 500% APR! The purpose of GIRL is to provide stable income for holders. Also you'll get special holder roles and can participate in project development. They have liquidity and lending pools for NFT, make regular NFT raffles and offer exclusive WL spots for holders. Mad Bears Club run great number of alpha tools for NFT, crypto and stock markets analysis. Also they provide market analytics, profitable NFT and crypto signals, educational courses, Web3 job board and ChatGPT integration.