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Xylocats Eclipse

Launched June, 22Launched
Price 0.05 ETH
Total supply 10000

he Xylocats are an ancient race of mystical space cats that blend technology and magic to traverse the stars. Their home world was created by the Ancestors and even the modern Xylocats know very little about the Ancestors. The Xylocats Eclipse collection contains 10,000 unique images. The inaugural mint price is 50% off! Future collections will mint at 0.1 eth instead of the Eclipse price of 0.05 eth. The collection features images of mystical space cats wearing armor and costumes with different motifs that represent their specific region of the Xylocat home world. In the year 2400 The Archeologist was accidentally transported to the Xylocat Home World half way across the galaxy. The images that are in this collection came from a sub-space transmission sent by The Archeologist. Read more about the Xylocats story on our drop page!