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Launched December, 1Launched
Price N/A ETH
Total supply 1600

ZenAcademy is a community for all where all are welcome. We seek to be your home in the metaverse. A humble abode where we have a passion for education and learning that is grounded in logic and reason. Whether you’re just starting out, whether you’re an artist, a dev, project founder, or a self professed degen.We’re here for you; we’re here for everyone.Your ZenChest is your membership to ZenAcademy and its future PFP project. By owning a ZenChest, you have access to everything that the original Genesis letter afforded you, including the exclusive ZenAcademy Discord channels, community giveaways, and the future ZenAcademy PFP project. Each ZenChest grants you the ability to summon 1 PFP. Your PFP lies dormant in your chest, waiting to be summoned.

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